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1000V 1A general purpose diode


Description1N4007 1000V 1A General Purpose Diode 1N4007 is a rectifier diode, designed specifically for circuits that need to convert alternating current to direct current. It can pass currents of up to 1 A, and have peak inverse voltage (PIV) rating of 1,000 V. 1N4007 Characteristics:Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage 1000VMaximum RM..


1N4742A - Zener Diode - 12V-1/2 W


DescriptionThis is 12V Zener Diode 1/2 watt rating...




Description3 Watt LED with Heatsink.Specification:3W High Power Warm White LEDLuminous flux: 200LmForward Voltage: VF3.4V (IF = 700mA TA = 25°C)Forward Current : 700mA Pulse Forward Current : 800mAViewing Angle: 120°Soldering Temperature : 265°C for 5 sec...


5mm Diffuse Yellow LED 25 pcs.


Description5mm Diffused Yellow LED (Pack of 25) Features: Contains 25 5mm (T-1 3/4) LEDs.In yellow casing/lens. Emits diffused, bright yellow light.Great for electronic and electrical experimentsForward Voltage: 1.9-2.0V ..


Blue LED chip 1206 package

$0.28 $0.43

DescriptionBlue LED SMD (1206 Package) (Pack of 10 Leds)This is Blue SMD LED in 1206 package...


Diffused green 5mm LED pack of 25


DescriptionDiffused Green 5mm LED (Pack of 25)Need some indicators We are big fans of these diffused green LEDs, in fact we use them exclusively in our kits. They are fairly bright so they can be seen in daytime, and from any angle. They go easily into a breadboard and will add that extra zing to your project.Pack of 25 diffused green LEDs5mm diam..


Green LED 5 pcs

$0.75 $0.80

DescriptionGreen LEDs (Pack of 5)Description:5 mm diameter660 nm wavelength1.85-2.5V Forward Voltage, at 20mA current250 mcd typical brightness..


Green LED SMD1206 package


DescriptionGreen LED SMD (1206 Package) Pack of 10 LedsThis is Green SMD LED in 1206 package. ..


Large 10mm LED - Red


DescriptionThis is diffused 10 mm package Red color LED ..


Large 10mm LED - Yellow


DescriptionThis is diffused 10 mm package Yellow color LEDA light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a p–n junction diode that emits light when activated. When a suitable current is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in ..


Large 10mm LED2-Green


DescriptionThis is diffused 10 mm package Green color LED..


photoelectric transistor


DescriptionL14F1 - Phototransistor  Photodarlington, TO-18 Transistor Polarity: NPN Wavelength Typ: 940nm Power Consumption: 300mW Viewing Angle: 8° Transistor Case Style: TO-18 No. of Pins: 3 SVHC: No SVHC  Current Ic Typ: 7.5mA Fall Time tf: 50µs Half Angle: 15° L..


Red LED-SMD1206 package


Description Red LED-SMD(1206 Package) Pack of 10 LedsThis is Red SMD LED in 1206 package.There are more and more hobbyists taking advantage of surface mount technology these days. With affordable tools like hot air and hotplate reflow ovens, electronics enthusiasts are shrinking their projects down to new levels of portability. Unfortunat..


Red LEDs 5 pcs


DescriptionRed LEDS (Pack of 5)5mm diameter660 nm wavelength1.85-2.5V Forward Voltage, at 20mA current250 mcd typical brightness..


RGB LED Scattering Common Anode


DescriptionThis is called RGB LED. it has four legs RED, GREEN, BLUE and one long pin is common pin for three and that is anode. That means you have to provide VCC supply to the anode pin and three pins can be controlled by microcontroller and by mixing these three color you can generate any color you want.  ..

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